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Summary of London's 401k Administration Services:
London Health’s 401k services focus on making the administration process as easy as possible in order to increase enrollment and increase tax savings for the employer and accountholder. Our 401k services include enrollment support, transferring eligibility automatically to investment firm, track payroll contributions, compliance reporting and tax filings.

One of the most unique elements of our 401k program is our ability to automatically send eligibility and enrollment data to the investment firm for the employer and accountholder. Our cloud-based payroll system captures the accountholders’ 401k enrollment data allowing us to automatically open the 401k with the investment provider. In the end, the London 401k program allows members to easily manage their 401k which increases enrollment and leads to more tax savings and lower workload for the employer.


401k Administration

Win for Employee:
Decreases payroll taxes, maximizes income and helps plan for retirement.

Win for Employer:
Decreases payroll taxes, enriches benefit package and helps employees plan for the future.

Integrated Data Transfers:
Setup automated eligibility and contribution transfers to multiple investment providers.

Innovative Resources:

Track activity, manage investments via online portal and mobile application.

Financial Planning:
London is able to provide personal

or self-service financial planning advice.


Investment Organizations Linked with London Health:

  • American Funds
  • Ameritas
  • BB&T
  • Guardian
  • John Hancock
  • MassMutal
  • Merrill Lynch
  • MetLife
  • Oppenheimer
  • PNC Investments
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Prudential
  • Schwab
  • T-Row Price
  • Voya
  • Wells Fargo

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