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Summary of London’s COBRA Administration Services.
London Health’s COBRA services are modeled to achieve three mains goals: 1) keep clients in compliance with federal COBRA regulations, 2) provide efficient eligibility, billing and reporting resources to the employer, and 3) punctual enrollment and payment procedures for COBRA participants. By outsourcing your COBRA administration to London, your day will become less stressful and more productive. London takes on the following administrative responsibilities:

COBRA Administration

Hands On Service:
London’s COBRA experts help relieve stress and work load by providing personal service.

Employer Resources:
Access to self-service portal to track COBRA activity, run reports and make eligibility changes.

Carrier Data Feeds:
London receives eligibility feed from specific carriers allowing for auto eligibility changes to be sent by carrier to London.


EZ Collection & Payments:

We make it easy for members to pay therefore allowing us to remit COBRA payments to employer


DOL Compliance:
London will help keep your

company in compliance with all federal regulations.


Services Provided to Employers:

  • General Notices of COBRA Rights and Responsibilities to employees and dependents
  • COBRA election notices
  • Online portal to allow Employers to update eligibility, track activity and download reports
  • Monthly COBRA premium billing and collection
  • Update eligibility directly with carrier (if requested)
  • Premium reconciliation and disbursement to carrier or employer
  • Open-enrollment support and administration
  • COBRA enrollment, termination notification and conversion letters
  • HIPAA certificates of coverage
  • Dedicated senior account manager provided to each employer group

Services Provided to Participants:

  • General Notices of COBRA Rights and Responsibilities to employees and dependents
  • COBRA election notices
  • Eligibility and coverage communication directly with with carrier or employer
  • HIPAA certificates of creditable coverage
  • Conversion notices for COBRA members
  • Collecting of monthly COBRA premiums
  • Maintaining of COBRA coverage timelines
  • Open enrollment communication to members
  • Customer service for COBRA members

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