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Decrease Costs and Increase Tax Savings:

Finally the insurance world has found a way for the federal government to help your employees afford important costs such as health care, dependent care, work-related travel and tuition. London’s flexible spending accounts (FSA) are tools to help your employees pay for these expenses while you take advantage of the tax breaks. According to the IRS, employees fund their FSA with pre-taxed dollars that can be used for qualified purchases, such as, deductibles, copays, eyeglasses, dependent care, commuter,  tuition, etc. The account is 100% funded by the employee on a pre-tax basis. Any unused funds at the end of the year can be rolled over to the new plan year if allowed by the employer.FSAs are also beneficial for the employer. Since your employees fund their FSA from their before-taxed paycheck, you pay less in payroll taxes. Please see the chart below for an example:


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Win For Employee:
Decreases cost of eligible expenses and increases tax savings.

Win for Employer:
Decreases payroll taxes without incurring additional costs.

Account Types:
Health Care, Dependent Care, Commuter and Tuition Reimbursement.

Multiple Payment Options:

Debit card, online portal, mobile application, email, fax and mail.

Customize Setup:
Ability to allow rollover or grace period provision for unused contributions.


Features of London's FSA:

  • Debit card capabilities
  • Group and personal employee communication
  • Detailed and instant payment reports
  • Access to account activity via online portal and mobile application
  • Convenient banking and fund transfers
  • Enrollment materials
  • Personal customer care

London's FSA operations:

  • Health Care
  • Dependent Care
  • Transportation
  • Parking
  • Tuition

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