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London's HRA is a win-win for you and your employees:
The concept behind London's health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) is to help control health care costs for the employer while maintaining rich benefits for the employees. Our HRA program allows you to: 1) customize your health benefits and costs to fit your company's health insurance needs, 2)maximize your health care expenditures, and 3) decrease the health risk of your insurance plan.


Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)

Win for Employee:
Rich benefits maintained through employer’s tax free HRA reimbursement.

Win for Employer:
Decrease  premium costs by purchasing higher deductible health plan.

Flexible Plan Designs:
Ability to customize HRA plan design to accomplish employer’s financial and benefit goals.

Seamless Payment:

Claims automatically sent to London by Insurance Carrier.

Wellness Incentives:
Ability to apply HRA funds if
member completes wellness programs.


How London's HRA helps you:
London's HRA takes advantage of industry trends that reflect, on average, 80% of employees do not use enough medical services each year to reach the high-deductible amounts of their plans. Under our HRA, you implement a higher-deductible plan from your preferred insurance carrier, which will lower premiums significantly per employee per month, and then essentially self-insure the deductible through the capabilities of London Health Administrators. To maintain quality benefits, you can use your savings from the premium reduction to reimburse the percentage of employees (on average 20%) who do reach their deductible. Since you will only reimburse the deductible in the case the employees use medical services, there is excess savings that stays in your pocket. The money saved on premiums will be more than the money used to reimburse employees’ deductibles.

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