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Short-Term Health Care Savings and Long-Term Health Care Benefits:

London's health savings accounts (HSA) are pre-taxed health care savings accounts that help your employees pay for their health care expenses during your plan year, as well as, invest their funds to plan for future costs. HSAs are a perfect tool for employers who want to increase the benefits offered to their employees while lowering the cost of their health insurance plan. London takes care of all the enrollment, banking, and claim administration required to operate each account in order to maximize your HSA experience.

HSAs are Two-Part Benefit Plans:


Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Short-Term Advantages:
Decrease costs and payroll taxes for employer and employee.

Long-Term Advantages:
Employees can rollover and invest tax-free contributions to plan for the future.

Innovative Resources:
Claim feed from health carrier, integrated investment platform, mobile app, and multiple banking partners.

Multiple Payment Options:

Debit card, online bill pay, checkbook and online transfers.

Fund Flexibility:
Accounts are portable and funds can be used for any qualified health expense.


High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP): YOUR HEALTH
Health insurance plan that has a higher member out-of-pocket responsibility, called a deductible, before insurance carrier begins paying towards your medical expenses.

Although your health plan’s deductible is higher, your premiums will be generally lower to help you afford the potential higher out-of-pocket expense.

The health plan covers all the same services as a traditional health plan such as hospitalization, office visits, labs and prescriptions.

Bank Account (HSA): YOUR WEALTH

Savings account funded with pre-tax dollars that helps you pay for your qualified health care expenses.

Qualified health care expenses include services applied toward your deductible as well as other health care necessities incurred by you and your tax dependents such as dental and vision expenses.

HSA is an FDIC-insured interest bearing bank account.

Funds in the pre-tax bank account rollover from year to year.

Funds can be invested to plan for long-term health care needs.

The HSAs can be funded with tax-deferred contributions by the employer, and/or pre-tax dollars automatically deducted from your employees’ paychecks. Your employees can use the funds in their HSA to pay for qualified expenses, such as, deductibles, copays, eyeglasses, dental, etc. Any unused funds in the HSA at the end of the annual term will carry over from year to year.The most unique segment of London's HSA is the ability for the employees to invest portions of their funds into interest-earnings vehicles such as mutual funds, money market accounts, and equity funds.

The benefits of implementing HSAs are achieved by both the employer and employee:

Benefits to Employer =

  • Decrease health insurance premiums by purchasing a high-deductible HSA compatible health plan from an insurance carrier of your choice.
  • Contributions to employees HSAs are tax-deductible
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Multiple investment banks options
  • Hassle free product implementation and ongoing support

Benefits to Employee =

  • Pre-tax funds to help pay for qualified health care expenses
  • Unused funds carry over from year to year
  • Multiple investment vehicles
  • Access funds via debit card and manual reimbursement process
  • Health plan claims are automatically uploaded to online HSA bill pay portal

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