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London Health HRA, HSA and FSA Enhancements

London Health Integrated Carrier Claim Feed Video

London Health List of Linked Health Carriers


Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA):

HRA Employer Setup Form

HRA Eligibility Template

HRA Member Guide

HRA/FSA Claim Reimbursement Form

HRA/FSA Direct Deposit Form

LHA HRA Product Overview


Health Savings Accounts (HSA):

HSA Employer Setup Form

HSA Funding Options

HSA Eligibility Template

HSA Member Guide

HSA Accountholder Direct Deposit Form

HSA ACH Contribution Chart

HSA Employer Funding ACH Registration and Authorization Form

HSA Employer Contribution Form - Check Only

HSA Employer Contribution Reversal Request

HSA Member Rollover Form

Discount Health Care Products Flyer

LHA HSA Product Overview


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA):

FSA Employer Setup Form

FSA Eligibility Template

FSA Member Guide

FSA Member Enrollment Form

HRA/FSA Claim Reimbursement Form

HRA/FSA Direct Deposit Form

Discount Health Care Products Flyer



COBRA Employer Setup Form

COBRA Transition Census

LHA COBRA Product Overview



Payroll New Employee Worksheet

Payroll New Hire Template Builder

LHA Payroll Product Overview

LHA Payroll Summary of Services

LHA Payroll Compare Chart



401k List of Linked Investment Provider

LHA 401k Product Overview


Health & Welfare Fund Administration:

LHA H&W Administration Product Overview


Self-Insured Benefit Administration:

LHA Self-Insured Benefit Administration Product Overview


Wellness Incentive Accounts:

LHA Wellness Incentive Product Overview


Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA):

LHA VEBA Product Overview


Business-to-Business Sourcing & Procurement:

LHA B2B Sourcing Product Overview


Retirement Reimbursement Account:

LHA Retirement Account Product Overview


Tuition Reimbursement Account:

LHA Tuition Reimbursement Account Product Overview


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