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Summary of London’s Payroll Administration Services.
London Health’s payroll services are different from big-box providers. Our services and technology are adapted to your specific financial and human resource needs. Our model achieves three mains goals:

  1. Provide personal and dedicated customer care
  2. Provide innovative tools for the employer such as self-service portal to manage payroll,  hour banks, time-off, 401k contributions and benefits eligibility
  3. Provide consumer-friendly resources for employees such as mobile application to verify pay and benefits data
  4. Easy to use reporting analytic tools for human resource and finance departments
  5. Integrate with other benefit vendors such as sharing eligibility data feeds with your insurance and 401k providers

One of the most unique components of our payroll service is our cloud-based administration system powered by Palocity, an industry-leader in payroll technology.  With a large percentage of Palocity’s workforce focused on IT and software development, London is able to deliver highly customizable, world class cloud Payroll and HR solutions to you. Customizations are built one client at a time for things like General Ledger, Accruals, complex reports, and integrations to other software systems and vendors the client may use. This commitment to technical expertise does not exist with any other payroll provider.


Payroll Administration

Human Capital Mgt:
Automate HR functions such as payroll, applicant tracking, benefit administration and performance reviews.

Cloud Payroll/HR Platform:
Ability to deliver highly customizable, world class cloud Payroll and HR solutions.

Mobile Resources:
Ability for employees to view paychecks, manage time-off balances, update contact info and much more within our mobile application.

Self Service Tools:

Simplifies common tasks such as reporting and enrollment allowing managers and employees to communicate in an easy to use environment.

Data Integrations:
Setup automated file transfers to employee benefit vendors such as insurance plans, 401k, etc.


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