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Control. Savings. Freedom.If you are looking to control your insurance costs, and are fed up with hearing how much insurance carriers profit each year…then self insuring your employee benefits is your answer.

How Self-Insurance Works:Self Insurance is a type of benefit plan in which the employer assumes the role of the insurance carrier. It puts the company in the driver seat in designing, funding, and administrating their employee benefits program. By self-funding your own insurance plan, the costs and benefits are not at the control of the carrier. Instead, you are the insurance carrier and therefore have the freedom to design a plan that fits your budget and employees’ demand for high benefits. Most importantly, the left over premium within your self-insured fund returns to you each year or can be rolled over for next year’s claims.


Self-Insured Benefit Plan Administration

Flexible Plan Designs:
Our flexible admin system allows you to design your benefits plan to adapt to your financial needs.

Types of Self-Insured Plans:
London can administer self insured health, dental, vision, RX and STD plans.

Types of Services:
We take on all benefit administration tasks such as claims processing, customer service, COBRA, eligibility, reporting, etc.

What is Self-Insurance:

By taking on the financial risk of your plan, you gain more control and save the same way insurance carriers make money.


Dedication to Care:
Our top priority is to provide dedicated care to make sure your members maximize their benefits.




London’s Administrative Capabilities:

  • Medical, dental, vision, prescription or short-term disability claims processing
  • Risk management
  • Eligibility
  • Claim loss analysis and reporting
  • Customer service
  • Enrollment and benefit communication
  • Premier PPO discount networks

Types of Employee Benefit Plans to Self-Insure:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription
  • Short-Term Disability

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