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London Health has been administrating Health & Welfare Funds and Taft-Hartley Funds since 1964. We take a hands-on approach in managing all aspects of your benefit plans in terms of administrating self-insured health plans, providing customer service, managing eligibility and carrying out our IRS and other federal reporting requirements. Most importantly, we take on the administration and risk of managing your benefits fund so you can focus on your business.

The main advantage of our program is our dedication to providing personal service to you and your membership. Through our long history in administrating health & welfare funds, we understand how to overcome complexities and implement time-tested efficient solutions. We strive to making sure your fund operates as efficiently as possible and that all members maximize the fund’s benefits.


Summary of London’s Health & Welfare Administration Services

Your Foundation:
We take on all benefit fund administrative tasks so you can focus on your business.

Self-Insured Plan Admin:
London can administer self insured health, dental, vision, RX and STD plans.

What is a H&W Fund:        
Health & Welfare Funds are tax-free vehicles to purchase employee benefits for a pooled membership.

Customer Service:

We take on all service responsibilities at the member, employer and provider levels.

Types of Funds:
London administers funds for municipalities, private employers, unions and associations.


London’s Administrative Capabilities:

1. Processing medical, dental, vision or prescription claims

2. Compliance

3. IRS filings

4. Eligibility


6. Claim loss analysis and reporting

7. Customer service

8. Enrollment and benefit communication

9. Plan booklets

10. Wellness strategies

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